Fundação Maitreya
The Cosmic Expansion of Light

de Maria

em 15 Jul 2008

  This work is inspired by inner reflection. It is not my intention to present absolute truths, but rather to provide a framework for reflection. Meanwhile I suggest the meditative reading of my other books, which may contribute to a greater openness to the Cosmic Consciousness.
It is a concise work, for if I gave too many scientific explanations or worked the text too much, it would lose the evocative impact of a higher spiritual resonance. What matters is to comprehend that there are realities in the subjective or immaterial world of the Spirit that can be explained scientifically for human understanding; nonetheless, no one would be able to reach that right understanding if previously a Consciousness-Intelligence hadn’t been developed, which absent hinders the uncovering of the deeper veils of Existence.


By trying to explain scientifically and spiritually certain mysteries of the Cosmos, we still risk the use of terms and concepts which are rooted and incorrectly kept by men. As a matter of fact, if the great enigmas of the Universe can be disclosed to the mystic, then the mystic experience could also be revealed in scientific terms. It suffices to find the right, clear descriptions and definitions of the higher dimensions in which one lives and which are part of the Spiritual Reality, but is also Intelligent Reality. These are the objectives of this work.
In nature we find the singing of the birds, one of the means that manifestation uses to remind man of the Prime Sound, lost or forgotten when he takes a physical body. Birds are the first messengers of the sound. From the Sound comes the Word, and even the ancient god Mercury, the Mind Initiator, is depicted with wings.
It was the birds’ singing that ordained the metric poetry of Vālmikī in the composition of the beautiful and famous Indian epopee Rāmāyaṇa. It was born from the curse of the hunter who killed a bird, divine messenger of the Sound.

As we all know, poetry and singing are connected, and poetry is a result of the capacity of man to develop internally the note or the Prime Sound. Poetry is the synthetic form of the word, which the more transcendent it becomes, the more crystalline it reverberates, until it turns into only one Sound, that is, the evolved word has purified and transformed itself so much, while synthesising itself, that only one Sound remained. That Sound is but the inner Sound, which needs speech no more to be externalized and to be heard: It becomes the reverberation of one’s inner being, of man in Silence. When from man Its own Sound echoes, Silent poetry happens.
The musical note Do corresponds to the colour yellow or Light in its maximum intensity and is the equivalent to the Joy of Manifestation. Light, Joy and Manifestation are united. Being Light, Manifestation is also the Joy of freedom, the coming out of Quietness, moving to the Sound of Re, which corresponds to the Prime Sound and is the colour Blue. Do is connected to the Manifestation Principle which, when unfolding Light, produces a Sound, but the Sound corresponding to Manifestation in motion is Re. Pink is Mi and corresponds to Love, the harmonious result of Light, happy in motion.
They are the first three Sounds, the AUM of Creation.

The Prime Sound

Behind all Manifestation, the Absolute or Un-manifested does not act and may be called Non-Existence.
The Manifested contains in itself the germ of all action, and under its care are other Great Beings which make the Cosmos or Universe evolve. Starting by the microcosm, man acts and works for the Planetary Logos, the Planetary Logos works for the Solar Logos and the Latter evolves to the Galaxy Logos…
In the same way that the Logos or Lord of the Galaxy encompasses all other Logoi, contained in Him (universal, solar and planetary), there will be a Being which contains in Him all other Logoi and needs no more to do nothing.
Let us imagine this Being, Absolute, as a Cosmic or Celestial Man. The various Logoi occupy points or chakras of that Great Body, according to the order or evolutionary scale. This way (it was shown to me), if human beings suffer dramatically in life, it is because they place themselves in the lower and denser planes of that Body. To God, suffering does not have the same importance or sense it has for us, as it is part of His Body. Thus the almost indifferent attitude we feel God has in relation to chaos and human suffering. For example, we may observe that, in relation to our body, the atoms and cells of the digestive system suffer greater wear and tear than those of the heart or the head, as they work with denser energies.

Absolute evil does not exist. There is man’s ignorance or lack of evolution which keeps him in the lower planes or members of that Body. Some Hindu conceptions consider Manifestation as a Cosmic Being or Man. In this Vast Man, those which are placed in the head enjoy happiness, more than those inhabiting “other regions”. They have peace, wisdom and intelligence…
Quoting H. Zimmer:
“Heaven has the form of a gigantic man, and such a form is animated by the cardiac motion, which is Divine Love, constantly proceeding from God, as well as the lung or breathing motion, which is Divine Reason.
God is not identical to the gigantic anthropomorphic organism formed by all of heaven’s stratifications, but impregnates it with His love and wisdom, and these, in their turn, impregnate the organism, as the blood from the heart and the air from the lungs penetrate the human body.”
The path of Initiation that leads to being the Planetary Logos appears to me easy to comprehend, and the way a human being can reach the evolution of becoming a Logos is measured only in dimensional terms. As when a greatly evolved Being, such as an Avatāra or from another evolutionary line, reaches on Earth the capacity of moving “masses”, using the Will and the Power of God on a higher level or dimension, so can we understand, by analogy, the evolution and the dimension of the Planetary Logoi. They are dimensions of Consciousness in ever increasing degrees of Will, Power and Love (independently of physical dimensions), because the Spiritual greatness is in the Being’s degree of Intelligence, which comes from His Monad . All Monads have the same spatial dimension, but the nobility of a Being, be it man, a Planetary Logos or a Solar Logos, is expressed by the irradiation of Light, Colour and Sound. In the physical man, Light is magnetic irradiation, which results or is made up of telluric content, bio-energy and solar irradiation. Colour is the aura’s luminosity, and in certain states of consciousness, it is possible to see this light. And the Sound is demonstrated by the capacity to use speech through a harmonious voice accord. A Planetary Logos acts and communicates with other Logoi, as well as with the Solar Logos, through these three phenomena. The more distinctive and purer Light, Colour and Sound that Logos has, the more evolved the planet which he rules and possesses will be. Sound is the irradiation of energies at high velocity.

A musical chord reverberating as an unison wavelength, emits its fundamental frequency. The notes of a musical scale are also defined by a certain rotation of energies which transform one frequency into another.
What does this have to do with the brightness or luminosity emitted by a planet or a star in the Universe? What is its cause? The greatness of the Light, or the type of colour we see in certain heavenly bodies, is it due to the distance from Earth, or is it due to its evolution?
It is not the size of the heavenly body that defines its evolution, but rather its luminosity, as for example, Jupiter, planet of great evolution, is very similar to the Sun.
The more evolved a planet is, the less close to the Sun it needs to be. A planet can illuminate itself, until it becomes a sun, thus becoming a star! A planet or a star are known in the Cosmos by the Sound they emit: this Sound is a result of the Light and Colour reached in its own improvement or evolution, by which it acquires a determined vibration and irradiation, exerting attraction over the other heavenly bodies.
We enter the Law of Relativity. The degree of attraction is relative to the distance.
It means, for a planet to become a star, it needs lots of Manvantaras (or Cosmic Cycles), till it is born as a sun, such as a human being to become an Avatāra (to manifest the Divinity), he needs lots of lives within this Manvantara.

Thus, a planet with such irradiation and light evolves to become a sun. This is the path of Planetary Logos to Solar Logos. And there are two types of this stars evolution: those that are already born under this condition and those stars or suns which derive from the evolution of a planet. The analogy: an Avatāra is born as an Avatāra because he comes from a direct line emanated from God, and irradiates Light by his own nature. A human being may become one by the transformation of his own human dimension.
The Cosmos is, and is not, vast, depending on our consciousness dimension. That way, the Cosmos as seen by a Solar Logos appears small to him. How will it be as seen by a Galactic Being?
When I asked myself this question, the communication between me and the Being or the Logos of the Galaxy happened through the heart and the mind. First, He showed himself as vast, then I saw His inner joy, laughing to himself because the Galaxy was so small. It is all a matter of position in the Cosmos…
This Being governs Suns, planets and energies, all within His Body. To lift matter, or rather, to lift the energy of the matter of our physical bodies, either human, planetary, solar or galactic, to evolution is everyone’s task, so that matter becomes so pure that it emits the required note and starts to irradiate luminosity, in an ever higher frequency and in unison with the Whole.
The Dimension or the power of mind is the cause of Cosmos in movement. THE ONE that did not participate in Manifestation in a physical manner, HE EMITTED THE THOUGHT. (As an example: I design a plan, and based on the concept developed, I order others to execute it and do not have to participate in it). Such THOUGHT is a Creation of the Intelligence Mind, which, by His Will, others execute.

The one that starts executing is another Being, the Manifested, the Lord of Intelligence Will. This way, the human conception is born on the idea of the “Great Architect” or on the one of the “Constructors”.

Similarly, each human being is a projection of the idea or Thought of his own Spirit. Although the dimensions seem abyssal, they are nevertheless intuitively apprehended. A Manvantara or evolution cycle, being one life for the EMITTER OF THE THOUHGT, corresponds to one life of a human being. There will be as many kalpas (or smaller cycles) as needed to complete the objective of a Great Plan, in the same way as man will have as many lives in each Manvantara as needed to complete perfection in his evolution. The EMITTER OF THE THOUGHT or the idea of Creation is in SILENCE, He is the Non-Manifested, but the Other does not Exist anymore, He is NON-EXISTENT and he is in ABSOLUTE Stillness.
In the beginning was it the Word? No, it was the Thought. And before that? It was the SILENCE. The Word is the first Sound of Creation. Or better, the Sound is the beginning of the Word, the Intelligent Principle. A child emerges from the invisible idea, goes through the obscure and silent foetus and emits a sound, the first cry, when he is born.
To start Manifestation, the Sound echoed from the One that is Intelligence and Will, the “Great Constructor”, because the One that rests in Silence, the Non-Manifested, emitted Light, and from Light colours arose, and colours formed that note, the Key of Creation: the Sound. And to the “Sound of Trumpets”, those who were attracted, answered. The absence of Manifestation, the Nothing, generates Light, because He is a generator of vibrations and electricity, storing energies. Light is born out of a high vibrating frequency. In Pralaya (non-manifested life), darkness arises, but the energy contained in Darkness, in vortexes, creates vibrations that slowly condense towards future manifestations or Manvantaras, until that energy, by the force of its restraint, starts expanding Light. Light will be more and more intense with the passing of the aeons, until, at a certain dimension, all gets illuminated, and a new day arises. It is the dawn of a new Manvantara. The Sons of the Light then get ready to work.

From Darkness, Light is born, as It arises from Pralaya. DARKNESS AND STILLNESS, LIGHT AND MANIFESTATION, MOVEMENT.

While our physical body sleeps it gathers energies, the reason why we wake up strong and invigorated. Rest is absolutely necessary to re-establish our energies. Energy is Light, and that Light is the strength for a new day. Atoms and cells generate energies while we sleep. This way we observe how from the infinitely small the infinitely Large is born.
Creation is first born out of the Light that emerges from Darkness. The rest of God immersed in Darkness is more profound, because the more evolution has occurred in the previous kalpa, the longer will be the time of Pralaya. Manifestation and Rest, Light and Darkness are two aspects which are irrevocably connected.
Each smaller Manvantara or Manifestation can be like a Dot in the Body of God. Light emerges from some of these Dots that might still need evolution, and the atoms that did not die but were simply “asleep”, wake up for the new inherent cycle of evolution. For example, that dot may emerge from what we call the solar plexus of God, and that manifestation will be in accordance with the evolutive needs of the beings that constitute that chakra. Some dots and worlds may be in action and others keep up in Pralaya. Therefore, this Manvantara has the Light, the colours and the Sound peculiar to that center or plexus of the Absolute and thus will manifest in those universes, according to the pre-existent degree of intelligence in that Universe and the degree of intelligence to obtain at the end of the cycle, as well as the Attributes regarding that scale of Intelligence-Consciousness.

Manifestation is based on a deterministic law which can only be changed by THAT NON-EXISTENCE. All Manifestation obeys this Law of cause and effect, or karma in the Indian tradition. The energy of Life is exhausted in a Manifestation cycle after the acquired evolution and, slowly, the energy drains, subtilizes itself in non-manifested planes and naturally forces the Universes to dissolve. One enters Pralaya. This one has the duration of as many aeons as needed and equivalent to the capacity of energies accumulated, not only in the previous Kalpa, but also during the Pralaya. The force of the atoms or of life in suspension, potentiated in the Pralaya, is what determines the beginning of the new manifestation. It sprouts from the own force of nature in that vibratory high-frequency, which, not being able to contain itself within anymore, “EXPLODES”. It means exploding as an expulsion: with strength, it expels LIGHT, and it is the great ecstasy of Light, that irradiates electromagnetic waves throughout Space. The Whole or the Cosmos is born from the great retention of energies, which generates Light, from which heat results.
May be here lies the mystery because of which scientists question themselves about the Big Bang. Is it not Pralaya a big Black Hole? Pralaya is comparable to an accumulator of energies, and so is a Black Hole.

GOD IS THE ONE THAT DOES NOT MANIFEST ITSELF. LIGHT IS THE GREAT FALL! While there is “Somebody” emitting Light, there will be Manifestation. The main objective of Initiation is this one: to attain Rest, NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN LIGHT, and that the Light does not attract oneself, for Light is an illusion, as in a certain way and at a certain time, one has to return to Rest or Darkness.
Starting from this Great Fall, it is easy then to understand the other small “Falls” that some religions tell about. It is from this Great Fall that the Sons of the Light are born, and to the Light come the Sons of the Need, or the Beings of Sacrifice, to conduct those of the Light to return to the Source, to Rest or Darkness. Therefore, Light is Māyā, the illusion.
What is born first, desire or Will? Desire is the basic and primary form of Will. In its lower expression, man has desire; the Logoic Cosmic Manifestation is already based on Intelligent Will.
However, neither the Cosmos is originated on the Will of man, nor is man the result of the Cosmos, but they both derive from a Will that makes them participate, being the first cause or Force for Manifestation, or Manvantara. God “showed” me how it was unavoidable for Light to break out, almost as incapable of blocking that expulsion, which will only stop by the Will to Rest from the One which still uses the Will of action or Life. Only when this Will will be quietened, will one enter that Dimension after this Existence.
The Cosmic expansion, not being an infinite expansion as scientists believe, but only expanding at its beginning, within a predetermined time and space, is the “ballet” or the dance of the Universes vibrating at the touch of Sound, which sang by themselves in their movement is the Symphony of the Spheres. Light produces heat, which, in turn, emanates colours with the vibrations adequate to the Sound they will transmit. The colours are Joy and Love, originated from the force of life within them.

When a person reaches the level of NON-EXISTENCE, joy becomes Bliss, as Bliss is the highest form of Joy. It is sweet, it is inner ecstasy in our own being. It can be felt through Meditation and through rest. Joy is the expansion of the energies retained in Love and which need to be externalized. Bliss occurs when we retreat, it is ours, it is being self-sufficient to be happy in Silence. Joy needs to be communicated, partitioned, shared. Bliss is communion with God, it is being Himself, and all is included in us in Quietness without any need for demonstrations. While Joy overflows into action, i.e., giving ourselves to others, passing away that energy which we do not know or are not able to moderate, always remaining the need to manifest it in some or other form: dancing, painting, acting, communicating through words or by singing, and the indispensability of making good to others.
Cosmos is joyfully living happy in Light, in Sound and in Movement. And THE ONE that is in SILENCE, meditates. But the Other one, who does not meditate anymore, because it is NON-EXISTENCE, it awaits, awaits that the power of life exhausts itself. Happiness blinds the Manifested, and from this NON-EXISTENCE absorbed in ITSELF, COMPASSION emanates.
Meditation is the step towards this Bliss. It is the Blue Celestial Point of our inner being. It is also the Re of the NON-EXISTENCE Sound Symphony.

Meditation aligns the body from the base of the spinal column, allowing the ethereal energies of our body to become vertical, flowing towards the head. Meditation predisposes towards the appeasement of our organic cells, and acts mainly in our brain cells, allowing for the brain to rest in the vigil state, which only happens when we sleep and because we are compelled to it by our own nature. The energy flow emanated in Meditation is directed to the more elevated, or the higher planes, and at a certain time, one way or another, we touch these planes which vibrate to our touch and “they answer back to us…”
We emit then the Sound, more and more crystalline as Meditation develops and progresses, following the colour that is appropriate to us.
To start with, we can look for a technique or a way, but it is the continuous practice of Meditation that leads us to the integration of our being, and provided the objective of the Soul is reached, then the Masters or “Something” that indicates will lead the way. However, to get to that objective, there has to be an inner availability or an effort for its beginning. Many people give up or do not even try, either due to the difficulties to quiet down the mind or the impatience of feeling or seeing nothing, as if Meditation was the way of obtaining powers.
Meditation is the Path to find Rest, and has the objective of exclusively directing the mind in one direction, without any distraction. It could be a field of interest, a concept or something that surpasses the levels of the senses, making possible the quietening of the mind, so that action stops and our Soul may fully manifest itself. We act like fools when we do not allow the Soul to direct us. An agitated mind can hardly follow one direction. The understanding existing in a state of Meditation, or Yoga, is totally different from the one experienced in other moments.

It is required to approach the practice with sobriety and a positive attitude, self-discipline and a long term vision of final success. There is always a tendency to start with enthusiasm, however, daily life difficulties create an enormous resistance and the mind gives up easily to human debilities.
The Soul, which is always animating man’s physical body, manifests itself less or more, depending on the integral realization of this union. Thus, Meditation starts from the flow of energy from matter to Soul, calls It and admits Its authority. Even the Masters can only manifest themselves or help when we become aware that we are Souls or divine beings, as only through It can They speak to us. The first level is the expansion of consciousness that this union makes possible, and from here on, other objectives of the Spirit are achieved.
It is also through Meditation that we get to know our own organism, and how energies flow through the channels or points of higher concentration. The correct and safe awakening of the so called kuṇḍalinī energy does not unbalance anybody who is spiritually well prepared, as there are various degrees of intensity or levels of consciousness in the process of explosion of the energetic and etheric tension accumulated in the base of the spinal chord. It is actually the origin of all life in man. But the awakening of energy never occurs without the guidance and presence of a Master, invisible, or better saying, it is always a Master (either alive or from the invisible planes) that causes this awakening: by His proximity and by activating the body centres of the disciple, mainly the heart chakra or the ones above it.

However, the chakras or higher centres can not awake if the heart chakra is still not awake, and this can only happen through the devotion or aspiration of the Love to God, or the desire to attain Him.
It is the heart, the chakra or the spiritual centre where the Sound is felt. The Universal Prime Sound of This Solar System is connected to Love. The musical notes are connected to the heart. When the notes sound, they open the heart. Harmonious music can have that function: to open the heart to Divine Love, because Sound is connected to Him, as previously mentioned.
When a being purifies himself and becomes a crystal, the note that sounds in the heart activates the energy of the kuṇḍalinī.
It is also with the resonating of this note that the Master directs the Disciple to open himself to Christ Love, acting directly on the heart: the note sounds and the energy at the base of the spinal chord rises!


For example, when a human being falls in love he feels something different, especially strong, which comes from within. Christ Love is that Strong Love, which comes from the deepest of the heart. It is from that deepness that Love to God or to a Master should come.
After the sublimation or purification of energy, Love sprouts not for one being only, but for Everyone; the physical attraction will be irrelevant and we only give Love because it expands with no distinctions.

The Density of Matter Attracts the Bodies

While playing with a pencil, making it jump, I realized that when I did it with the tip-end it was lighter and jumped higher than when I did it with the opposite end. This end contained metal and eraser, and it decreased its velocity and height. Curiously, this showed me how the density of matter attracts the bodies.
An isolated planet has necessarily a high evolution, or something specially contained within. Denser planets agglomerate together, attracted by the density of matter. A Solar System is a family in evolution, for example, as when the human being becomes an adult, he separates from his family. A planet can isolate itself as it evolves and so we have a Universe in progression, not static, although the expansion is circumscribed within a certain movement and space, “THE CIRCLE IS NOT OVERCOME”. This is valid not only for the Solar System, but also beyond and within it. It looks as an expansion, but it is no more than an illusion created by the movement of the stars, in which, with evolution, interplanetary positions can change themselves.
Analogy shows certain vast and fundamental correspondences, and is the basis for understanding this work about man and the Cosmos. We then verify that interiorization, the inner work on one self, either in man or in Cosmic Beings, places them on an orbit on themselves. Planets give us that example with their rounded shape, whereby through their rotation and circular movements, they spin on themselves. If we report to the Sun, where there is also movement, it has the capacity to influence its family planets with its radiation and irradiation. Kepler has already proposed the existence of some kind of force or emanation flowing from the Sun and moving the planets.

Inertia is the tendency of any object to continue its straight line movement, uniform or resting. The Latin root of this word means idleness or indifference. Turning back into the philosophical and religious traditions of India regarding man-Cosmos relationship, a Jain , a yogī, attains the state of kaivalya (isolation) when he becomes indifferent to action in such a way that indifference is the peculiar way to demonstrate his enlightenment: he passed to a state of inertia. The perfect ascetic lives in absolute imperturbability in his exalted indifference regarding himself and the world. Free from karmic mater, he remains in sublime and supreme sobriety.
The inertia of a body or a planet, or “inertial” movement, is the force that continuously maintains the planet in its place, otherwise it would inevitably be attracted to the Sun till they collided. However, this inertia requires that some other force keeps it from doing so: the Universal force of gravity.
In this dimension of the Earth we deal with relative, not absolute spaces: thus the formula “time”. Each planet has its musical note, its colour and its dimension, which reveal not only the degree of consciousness of the Planetary Logos, but also the one of the things and beings within it. The Earth is always a reference point for any experience we perform, such as the one we did with the pencil. The behaviour of the bodies in another planet will naturally depend on the whole structure of the matter, on its density and on so many other factors, implying a different dimension to ours, proportional to the actual gravitational masses, as all heavenly bodies interact gravitationally.

Space is saturated with energy particles: prāṇa. Earthly emanations condense or influence that energy which, attracted by Earth’s magnetism and density, approaches and agglomerates around it, impregnating space, making it heavier. It is also this energy made of particles of prāṇa which, when attracted to Earth, surrounds it and keeps it in its slow movement or inertia, without which Earth would naturally rotate at a higher velocity. Also according to Jainism concept, the darker colours keep the Monad at the lower levels of existential worlds, while, as when colours become lighter, the Monad has its weight decreased, and ascends, one by one, to the other higher spheres, where it can reach sublime abodes. These correspond to the states of the Soul of each individual: the darker, the less evolved. It is Karmic matter that transmits to the vital Monad its six types of colours. When the Monad reaches the supreme isolation (kaivalya) and is absolutely free and purified of karma, it rises irresistibly to the planes corresponding to crystal colours, reaching the zenith, like an air bubble deprived of gravity. This metaphor of colours in Jainism is absolutely scientific, similar to of the functioning the Cosmos.
I mention the Jain as they are a fundamental pillar of Indian religiosity. Brought or established in distant times by the first Tīrthankaras , it is natural and logic that all later philosophical and religious systems are derived from it. Although with innovations, even the Veda adapted itself to the essence of Jainism. From here onwards, all was based on this way of thinking, with additions and adaptations of the great philosophers or religious persons of India. I am not sectarian concerning Jainism, but it is, as a matter of fact, the basis of the Indian way of thinking, in the same way as the Bible, starting in the Old Testament, became the essential basis of Judaism, of Christianism and influencing even Islamism. In a certain way, the Bible became the guide of western religious thought.

Sāṃkhya, Vedānta and even the Bhagavad-Gītā are interpretations and understandings of this philosophy, archaic as it may be, but created or founded to be part of human evolution, as its silent branches spread themselves discreetly and universally. As such, the basis of the Indian philosophical thought is established on the doctrine of the Tīrthankaras. The other above mentioned philosophies, Sāṃkhya and Vedānta, are methods adapted to the evolutionary mind of man, which being so noble, keeps branching out as his intelligence evolves. Jainism may be compared to a tree: it is the root, and all other philosophies the trunks and branches which extend infinitely.
Going back to our basic subject, we conclude that the higher the distance, the higher the velocity an object acquires. Earth’s magnetism attracts, as it is a dense planet, still with little evolution. The speed of an object is higher when it is still at a great distance, because the atmosphere is more rarefied; the air near Earth is denser, far from it, it is lighter and subtler. Approaching Earth makes bodies heavier, as it is a dense, solid body and its magnetic emanation is a force that attracts everything; any object we might drop falls irresistibly, and it is that attraction of matter or gravitational field of the Earth that keeps our feet on the ground.
The body or the object does not weigh less when in space, the weight is always the same; the difference is in the energy of the air, or prāṇa, being purer (lighter) or heavier. Near Earth, the energy becomes dense and the atmosphere rends the movement of objects difficult, whereas the rarefied space energy does not condition the speed that their own weight propels; from their starting point, they easily go down to the matter that attracts them.

In respect to the Cosmos, everything is measured in terms of levels of Consciousness. Thus, there is a scale or dimension of Consciousness, or level of Consciousness, for the Cosmos, and this includes space, time and consciousness, or level of Intelligence, and there is the Dimension of each Solar System, as well as the one of each Planet. There are different levels within a vast Dimension of Consciousness and the beings live according to it. From Earth, we have a limited view of the skies, like watching a landscape from a window. What would be the view of this system from planet Jupiter? Would it be possible to enter Jupiter with this degree of earthly consciousness, to observe and have the same understanding about what is seen from Earth?
The word dimension refers itself to a measure or scale of magnitude. It includes both matter or the physical space, which may designate the time dimension, and human Consciousness or the dimension of Consciousness.
To live in another dimension of Consciousness is to have the capacity of seeing and feeling beyond corporeal limitation. The greater part of the Universe or that which surrounds us is hidden behind the line of vision. However, if this vision is limited, such is not so much the case of perception or intuition, mainly when the mind is no more obstructed by the emotional impurities.
Thus, what we call time, space and matter, provides us with a limited form of living, and we convince ourselves of this “limit”, which we give the name of Dimension. We only see dense matter, but as we recognize subtle or rarefied matter, which also permeates space, we begin to know aspects of another dimension. However, any time dimension results from one other dimension, the one of Consciousness. One who is capable of expanding his Consciousness can “see” beyond matter, space and time, thus overcoming earthly dimensional limitation. How can we reach these or other dimensions, both of mind or matter? Through a profound intelligence. The expansion of Consciousness belongs to a scale of magnitude wherefrom new capacities of intelligence originate. Only through intelligence can we remove the obstacles that prevent certain transformations. It is through intelligence that we keep understanding our position regarding that matter, space and time. We conceive time as a special type of dimension. We know time units as intervals, durations, periods, velocities and sequences. These time chains are defined by the frequency through which events are experimented in each place. All that existed, exists and will exist, is part of a universal vibratory field in a state of continuous transformation.
Therefore, the purpose of evolution is that man reaches degrees of superior intelligence. This keeps placing man and the Cosmos at a level of Consciousness or Dimension in agreement with the development of that Intelligence.

Time Dimension arises from the set of references that man imposed in order to place and understand himself in this Universal Vastness, in which he limited himself. He cut the understanding that senses evolve or awake according to brain capacities, but by acquiring higher intelligence, he perceives and lives not only other “states”, but he also understands other Greatnesses of manifestation, which are not absolute, but mutable.
We will never know which the ultimate particle, as we always find an Universe of infinite extension; the dimension we live in depends on the vibrational region in which we are immerse. For that reason, Science and Religion were never apart but in the mind of man. The one who thinks that he unites them, he illudes himself, as they were always intrinsically together. Matter or the movement of the Cosmos forms exist because they are animated by the Spirit or the force of an Intelligent Will and together they are the Whole. Mechanics is the result of a Will, and Science will collide as long as it will resist this understanding and reality. There is no matter without Will. Will is not seen, not touched, not observed in laboratories, not concretely experienced by the senses, but it is the subtle force that animates the human being to live. It is within us and we know intuitively that it exists: we use it, but we don’t see it. However, we know the results of this use, good or bad, and it comes from within us. The action of Man is a result of a Will or desire, and the physical body is the material vehicle apt to accomplish that Will. Why not to understand the remainder of manifestation in analogy to man? Why would man be the supreme evolution of a Cosmic Vastness which squeezes us by its Greatness? Does the Cosmos exist only for man’s evolution? In this Solar system it may be the case, it might, in fact, have been conceived for the elevation of the human being, but it is within a wider context and there are other Solar Systems. All Planetary Families in their Cosmic magnificence are Logoic Beings or Entities from which stars and celestial bodies are the physical vehicles, in the same way as the body of man serves as a vessel for the Manifestation of his Soul and of his Spirit.

Beyond NON-EXISTENCE there is a barrier. But “Something” starts in this NON-EXISTENCE or from the NON-EXISTENT. The true life, in another dimension or level of consciousness, is the one lived after we “undress” forever our corporal vest, and the same is true for all Manifestation when it enters Pralaya. Pralaya, the Darkness, is the Black Hole which we go through in order to reach a new Cosmic Consciousness, or the true Divine life. After the Black Hole or Pralaya, we live in another Dimension, without the obstacle of matter or energy, which is the Manifestation of the Universes. It is the freedom of the Spiritual energy, the true happiness that sublimated itself into Beatitude.
Highly purified beings take their consciousness and their mental phenomena to a degree of supreme quietness, which is placed in very high levels of existence. This is not at all an eternal extinction. The objective is to reach an absolute interruption of all dharmas and karmas (duties and actions), and an eternal emptiness to substitute them. This is kaivalya, the absolute isolation regarding dharma and karma. When this integration is reached - kaivalya -, manifestation ceases forever and there are no more reincarnations, however the essence remains. Thus, the ultimate objective of evolution in the world is the result obtained from all the acts of purification, by spiritual means and by efforts, and from having reached the complete extinction of consciousness of all mental processes.
NON-EXISTENCE is the form with which we designate a Dimensional Consciousness different from the ones we know.
I have been elevated to NON-EXISTENCE for several times. When I return, a remembrance of Nothingness (only happiness) remains, in which I understand that, when I shall definitely enter Her, I will loose even the Consciousness of my lives on Earth. And I used to say: «I can not explain what NON-EXISTENCE is, as it does not exist on Earth, and I find myself unable to express such a dimension».
A Black Hole is a Solar System in Pralaya. It is matter in Darkness. If we could enter that Black Hole, on the other side we would find another dimension that would squeeze and disintegrate us, not only because of the magnetic vibrations different from the ones we live in, but also because of the Greatness of the Abyss which is that Dimension of Consciousness not known and incomprehended by human intelligence. However, scientific theses do not reach this understanding.

A Black Hole has, in fact, a great magnetic power of attraction, as it is a centre of energetic reserve powerfully compressed. The Black Hole is the Sleep, or the Pralaya, or yet, the death of a Solar System. Such as man suffers death for a new incarnation, so do Universes, or Solar Systems. The dissolution of a Universe is a death or a kind of dream, where in Pralaya another new life is prepared, and when the energy of life in retention spontaneously will erupt with the first reflection of Light, it will expand itself to a new cycle of manifestation.
As a Black Hole “goes through” clouds of dust and gas, it sucks the energy or matter and all that surrounds it by gravitational attraction, forming a whirlpool in which it accumulates more and more matter to its already vast field of gases, so that it keeps increasing its temperature as a whole, until at a certain moment it starts irradiating energy, and the Light, not being able to contain itself anymore, explodes and spreads out.
Besides, when I meditate and reach NON-EXISTENCE, I enter such Quietness, that it is like sleeping while being awake. All the cells in my body are as if asleep and there is a Silence within me that suspends and sustains everything. It is impossible for me to move a finger, I entered Pralaya’s peace centre and although breathing is or becomes so silent, it is the only thing that tells me I am alive.
In the dissolution of the Universes, or in the Great Cosmic Pralaya, the celestial bodies or the forms of matter start decomposing in various ways: by fire or by disintegration of matter in collision. Logoic and Galactic Spirits depart from all that dissolved, disaggregated matter, and there remain lifeless and lightless particles, now inert, driven by the uncontrolled brute force of matter and it becomes black, navigating through Cosmic Space… This Darkness remains in the Vast Space where previously there was life, until its total disaggregation, thus becoming the Great Black Hole or the referred total Pralaya.

Dust is the most rarefied particle human beings can imagine and even see. The clouds of dust wandering through space will inevitably dissolve themselves and they represent the Nothing conceivable by our intelligence. If we could observe it from somewhere in the Cosmos, nothing would be seen, all would be dark, as these minute dust particles, being lifeless and lightless, result in a Cosmos in Darkness. Spirit has departed, it does not animate matter anymore and Light does not exist. Dissonance resonates in space. One of the most predicted forms of dissolution consists in the Sun consuming itself, or rather, to extinguish itself. But whatever the means of the death of a Solar System might be, it provokes a chaos, or the start of Pralaya, with the planets leaving their orbits and colliding in points of the Cosmic Vastness. In that beginning of Pralaya, as time goes by, the particles of matter, which are only the dust of the Universes, attract each other until they form a great block or a Cosmic sphere, where, then yes, because they keep agglomerating themselves, the restraint of energies begins, which, distantly, will give place to Light again.
The law of cause and effect has no end, as “something” remains which allows Light or Life to be born again, until the ONE that remains at REST determines its end, such as man by his own Will determines to end reincarnations on earth and stop this mechanic or deterministic Law of karma. This Law is absolutely scientific, and defines the determinism with which the Cosmos is ruled, thus resulting in the harmony that governs the macrocosm and the microcosm. Law of cause and effect: Light results from the prolonged accumulation of energy or atoms. The atom is a generator of Light and a body is composed of atoms that continuously regenerate themselves. It is this lowermost life particle that causes and produces Cosmic Greatness. Atoms are vibrating points of forces emanating from Divine Ideation for the construction of the forms, they are the Cosmic forces of the Divine Entities.

By passing beyond the barrier of NON-EXISTENCE and by entering the NON-MANIFESTED, the Prime Sound resonates, only recognized by the Spirit which, free from matter, is the Forever EXISTENT. It is a non-ending Infinite, the circle with no Beginning nor End, which was symbolized by the Serpent that bites its own tail. This NON-EXISTENCE, which is the conceivable concept of God beyond Manifestation, begins, for those who penetrate It, by the Sound. Sound that is not audible, but is the own Dimension of That NON-EXISTENCE or state. IT, SOUND, is SILENCE. As Love, on Earth, is not visible but felt, and however is part of the Planetary Dimension, this Dimension of the Sound which is of the Spirit or Monad at REST, is a Sound of SILENCE (unbreakable barrier for those who can not keep silent…). There is a Prime SOUND which accompanies NON-EXISTENCE. It is the INFINITE SOUND that RESONATES through the night. It is the “TRANSEXISTENTIAL” SOUND OF SPIRIT.

Each one has his state of Consciousness. If the being yet does not know the last stance of God, he can not speak about it, much less understand it. And where does it stay or is that last stance or state of Consciousness of God?


Determinism and Indeterminism

An indeterminist is by excellence “that” rebel who does not accept limitations to his freedom and to his supposed free-will.
Determinism and Indeterminism are one and the same thing, or better yet, one does not exist without the other. One is based on a law of probabilities, the other on the law of certainties. In Quantum theory, if matter is stimulated, the accelerated particles spread at random and in a disordinate way and they will end someplace: the law of probabilities. But it is already determinism which causes it to be at that location, as it was attracted by another similar matter. As it spread out, it caused something: disunion. Therefore, it was a cause. Now it will find out the consequences of the effect it caused, by discovering new situations where it will be subjugated by the law of attraction. The cause is probability, the effect is determinism, but it can also be the opposite…
Let us suppose we scatter grains of matter: the gesture of spreading is determinism, it follows a will. What will happen, or how the search of matter will pursue, is not known: indeterminism. But if all matter aggregates and groups itself together by the attraction exerted due to the combination of elements, it will join to the “determinate”. It is such a subtle law that it easily escapes mental analysis and it seems as if conclusions fade away.
Determinism starts in the smallest particle of matter, which contains within itself a certain singularity, which will attract other elements. If each particle is a characteristic of one element, it determines where it will aggregate. When two similar particles combine themselves, they cause harmony; when those particles cross each other but do not combine, they generate chaos.
Thus the Law of cause and effect is determined by the principle of manifestation, with minute particles of matter that either attract or repel each other generating Chaos and Harmony, being Cosmos the result.

Galaxies, stars and men, are all ruled by the same Law, as the Whole or the set of Universes in their greatness derives from the smallness of the grains of matter. Although manifestation is a constant attempt of harmonization, it is still very imperfect. Life is a swirl of wrong things! However, we can create good or bad things by manoeuvring matter on our earth level; and who will do it at the level of stars and Solar Systems?
Who controls the whole Cosmic System?
There is a permanent Entropy everywhere, as matter in itself is blind, whirling against each other (in the case of atoms, but it can also be applicable to people), in attraction and repulsion, promoting hazard, or in the human case, creating karma or webs of relationships. However, there is a plan designed for the Cosmos, including matter and humanity, in order that, through a certain order, certain objectives are reached. Only through wisdom can man put order in chaos, starting on himself.
This Law of cause and effect is the factor that moves the Universe, and it is both objective and subjective. These two aspects are so intimately and intrinsically connected, as determinism and indeterminism, that sometimes it is difficult to know which is the effect and which is the cause, as nothing is the beginning nor the end, but always relative to the existing interaction in the Universes. Where the cause starts for an observer, may be already the effect of a previous fact or thought for another one. Probability or indeterminism, relations or causality, are almost indiscernible, and, in a certain way, it is spontaneous and subjective; obligatoriness or determinism, are direct and objective.
For example, the Light for a new Manvantara, or a new cycle of life, seems us the cause, being the explosion and the expansion its effect, but the cause is in fact previous, as it was the matter in restraint that produced the Light. Thus, there are such unperceivable and subtle passages from one form to another that it becomes difficult to distinguish and to know the beginning of the chain of action.

Hubble’s Law
And the deviation towards red

Hubble, born in the USA in 1889, has made the charts of the locations and distributions of galaxies throughout the Universe. The distance of a galaxy would be proportional to its deviation velocity towards red. The farther the galaxy, the more deviated its luminosity, its lines of absorption and its spectrum towards red would be. It would suffice to consider a spectrum, to measure the deviation towards red and to multiply it by a simple numerical constant in order to obtain the Cosmic distance.
But what does this prove? That the Universe is expanding? Does it date its beginning or even the age of the galaxies? The deviation towards red is in fact the key to the measurements of the Universe? The deviation towards red of a Galaxy is in fact proportional to its distance from us?
Many scientific conclusions in the last decades may be wrong due to the excess of confidence placed on Hubble’s Law. This almost conventional interpretation of the Cosmos is as distorted and incomplete as the image of the Solar System centuries ago, whereby planet Earth was considered the centre of the Universe (Copernicus). However, we accept as correct the idea that galaxies constitute the Universe’s basic unit on a large scale…
In the theories of an expanding Universe, the idea of the deviation towards red, or light’s deviation towards longer wavelengths in distant galaxies, assumes a wide and powerful meaning: it is the prime point of reference for time and distance. However, the fact that the light from a galaxy reaches us with a deviation towards red is not necessarily a sign of an expanding Universe. The more the galaxies move away, the less probable a conclusion regarding the deviation towards red, as they move away from the parameters that we know or that we believe or have as certain regarding gravity and relativity. Also, when there is a powerful gravitational field, there can be a deviation towards red. For instance, certain stars have to fight so much against gravity when the light tries to escape from their surface that it ends up coming out with a deviation towards red. Light can not be stopped, but it can loose energy and end up leaving the surface with a deviation towards red, exhibiting a weak light.

The light emitted by a galaxy is somehow deviated towards red by the distance and movement which separates us, but above all, by the quality or degree of evolution of the Universes within it, and within a certain “limit” conferred to the Universes that move around themselves, and not in an unlimited space, as if drifting. Cosmos “spins”. The reason why galaxies move away from us at great velocity, may be due to the alteration in the constant of gravity or because they are older. It is due to the lack knowledge of certain values of gravity and to the great distances between Earth and the galaxies, which can move freely, that their image moving away comes to our sight. In reality, we are also included in a part of the Cosmos, in movement, conditioned by the law of gravity-relativity, which is caused by the agglomeration of existing matter, because the more matter there is, the more density and attraction exists. However, if we conceive - only as a background framework - the law of gravity as harmonizing the celestial bodies, we will have a limited and non-expansive space, as an unlimited expansion would result in a chaos of floating celestial bodies, and the law of gravity would fall down. There may be other laws and other types of matter that justify the isolation of the galaxies yet unknown to man. Dark matter is one of the aspects to consider.
Our movement apparently is smaller than that of the far away galaxies. This idea that other galaxies move at great velocities is given us by the resistance of the forces, gravity-relativity resulting from nearby matter. It is still these forces or laws that function within and outside the most distant galaxy and keep it united, carrying along in its movement all the stars that compose it. Nevertheless, in the relationship among galaxies, the distance is so big that apparently the laws no longer have the same effect. It is, however, the mysterious dark matter that, although invisible, has its function. The deviation towards red may be considered as a result of distance, but it does not necessarily indicate expansion, but rather, movement. The great distance between our galaxy and the more distant observable one, is what gives us the idea of it escaping in an infinite expansion. This is so because we are used to see the Universe from within ourselves and as a starting point of the beginning. But how many Big-bangs haven’t there existed for the creation of this Cosmos that our vision reaches?

Thus, the deviation towards red tells us only that they are distant, but not their ages, nor that the Universes are indefinitely expanding. We also will have to consider if the galaxies that present deviations towards red are really matter of weak intensity or stars of feeble light (whether they are forming or extinguishing themselves), giving us, by its colour, the idea of distance. It they are forming themselves, they are the youngest, whereas if they are extinguishing themselves, then, they are the ancestors of our Universe…
While some show us their feeble light deviated towards red, others, unknown and invisible, obscured by the brighter ones, “wander” around without being seen, given their weak energy, and we only observe a dark region or a black night, being the galaxies of dark matter. A lot also depends on the point where we stand. Light is a wave; the wave of light emitted by a moving source varies for a stationary observer. The objects that approach us have their spectral rays systematically deviated to short wavelengths, nearer the blue; the ones that move away show the deviation towards red. The greater the deviation towards red, the greater the velocity, or is it only the distance?
How many feeble light galaxies are there among those of brighter light? We only see the stars, as they are emitting the light from their inner blaze, whereas planets remain without light and receive it from the stars. Many planets are part of the dark matter, however they may contain myriads of lives unknown to us. Thus, black matter and luminous matter adjust themselves in order to form the gravitational law and stabilize the rotation of galaxies. Seen from a scale large enough, the Universe is not the same everywhere, nor the effects of time apply themselves to all the points of the Cosmos. Time is, for us, of a certain unity and dimension, resulting from the lived space, the density of matter (that attracts and repels itself) and the gravity that sustains it. If there are spaces where matter and density are lesser, then our concept of time is not applicable to all the points of the Cosmos. Thus, also the light impulses of a galaxy do not correspond to its real value, because the limited vision of time and space provides us with a dimension that only corresponds to ours and not theirs. The comprehension of the Cosmos’ real value will never be complete due to the consciousness dimension we live in, obstructing intelligence.

Time is also altered by the lack of uniformization in space. The laws of physics, such as we know them, do not apply everywhere. The theory of deviation towards red does not solve the problem of the age of the Universe, neither does it tell us that it is in expansion (but only in movement), nor does it provide the solution for the darkness of the Cosmos.
“Total intelligence” not being manifested, all perception becomes limited and we have an idea of other worlds based on our restrained capacity. The higher the consciousness dimension, the higher understanding and knowledge. Overcoming this earthly dimension through more intelligence, allows a better understanding of the laws ruling the Cosmos, or what is outside us, in the same way as self-knowledge allows man to better understand the reasons and causes of suffering and happiness, of what we are and what we came for. It thus happens in a different way from the one that functions in an inferior consciousness, by the lack of intelligence or of self-knowledge. This way, the understanding of the Universes can be reached by man by the expansion of Consciousness through individual effort, consisting of mental purity (that allows a higher intelligence), or else to wait for evolution to make it possible for man to be born with a higher intelligence capacity, slowly discovering their laws. Therefore, there is the faster and more conscious understanding and knowledge through voluntary individual effort, and there is the slower one, through the “masses” evolutive process. Edwin Hubble was the first astronomer to propose a definitive relationship between the distance at which galaxies are and the velocity at which they move away from each other. The principle of an expanding Universe is a generally accepted theory. But some people are starting to question it …


Translation by José Carlos Rodrigues
Revised by Miguel Guimarães
In Folhas de Luz, 2006, Publicações Maitreya, Portugal, pp. 225-249


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