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Ontology according to Vedanta (Vedānta)   by Swāmi Siddheswarānanda
The other systems of Hindu thought endeavoured, each by a different way, to determine the objective truth of things. Vedānta attempts to reach the truth by formulating the problem thus: ‘In this whole spectacle - where is the Real?’ With that it took up the fundamental question and, by proceeding to its investigation, it not only discovered various perspectives of the Real, but it also found valid proof with the help of which one succeeds in defining and apprehending the highest Truth. For Vedānta that Truth is the ontological Reality (paramārthika satta), under which aspect the Reality is immutable: No change can affect it.
Date: 25 May 2008
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Transcendency   by Maria
The way Philosophies relating to Meditation are understood, especially in the West today, be it Yoga or others from India, be it Buddhism in its various traditions, tends to empty out its religious, mystic and spiritual content. Truly dispersing corporal and external actions are overvalued, moving away and considerably inverting the true spiritual and original meaning of the doctrines, methods or religions.
Date: 05 May 2008
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On the Threshold   by Maria
This article results from an informal conversation recorded by Dhammiko (Buddhist Monk) when still a postulant, with Maria. The theme is revealed in its philosophical and metaphysical profundity identified with the tradition of the Advaita Vedānta. The Advaita Vedānta, provides the key to exit from the illusion by the recognition with Brahma (n), in other words, to reach a state of Awareness that one was always “Him”, which had been simply overshadowed in His purity and light, by ignorance.
Date: 01 Jan 2008
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Advance in Neurology   by Maria Ferreira da Silva
New advances in neurology can treat diseases like Alzheimer's. According to the magazine 'Nature' a new discovery about the cognitive function of the brain's neurons can return memory to persons with Alzheimer's or who had suffer brain damage. The temporal lobule with a fundamental role in human memory is most affected by this disease. Until now thinking has been that brain cells worked independently similar to electrical “switches” that send and receive a series of data, but a group of scientists found that there function is much more complex. They found «that the capacity to recognise the surrounding environment, people and places, depends on only one neuron and not on the functioning of many».
Date: 12 Apr 2007
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Only One Breath   by Ajahn Sumedho
The attitude is most important. To practise anapanasati, one brings the attention onto one inhalation, being mindful from the beginning to the end. One inhalation, that's it; and then the same goes for the exhalation. That's the perfect attainment of anapanasati. The awareness of just that much, is the result of concentration of the mind through sustained attention on the breath.
Date: 01 Apr 2007
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