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Why Come to a Monastery?   by Ajahn Candasiri
One question we all need to ask ourselves is, Why do we come to a monastery? Whether we are monks, nuns, novices, lay guests or visitors, we should ask, Why have I come? We need to be clear about this in order to derive the greatest benefit from what a monastery has to offer. If we are not clear, we can waste a lot of time doing things that may detract from the possible benefits to be found here.
Date: 29 Jan 2007
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Noticing Space   by Ajahn Sumedho
In meditation we can be alert, attentive; it's like listening, being with the moment as it is - just listening. Now see if you can hear the primordial sound. It is like a high pitch it is quite difficult to describe really. Even if you plug your ears, put your fingers against your ears, or if you are underwater in a swimming pool or under the sea, you can hear it. It is a background sound, not dependent upon the ears, because when they are bunged up there is still this high-pitched, vibrating sound.
Date: 11 Dec 2006
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Vedanta - Avasthatraya   by Y. Subrahmanya Sarma
All the Vedic schools agree that the System of Vedānta, as found in the principal Upaniṣads and elaborated by Badarayana in his famous Sūtras, attaches great importance to the examination of the three Avasthas or conditions of life called, Waking, Dream, and Dreamless Sleep.
Date: 14 Sep 2006
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Dhammacakka-Pavattana Sutta   by Spiritus Site
This is the first teaching of the Tathāgata (Buddha) on attaining to unexcelled, perfect enlightenment. Here is the perfect turning of the incomparable wheel of truth, inestimable wherever it is expounded in the world. Disclosed here are the two extremes, and the middle way, with the four noble truths and the purified knowledge and vision pointed out by the Lord of Dhamma. Let us chant together this sutta, proclaiming the supreme, independent enlightenment that is widely renowned as ‘The Turning of the Wheel of the Dhamma’.
Date: 05 Jul 2006
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This book is dedicated to the Knights of the Order of Mariz consequently to the 144.000. “Each religion offers the necessary conditions for the evolution of each human being, according to his characteristics and needs.” The Order of Mariz has been working for long centuries in the preparation of this event. The collaboration both physical and invisible of its members has been felt along the Portuguese History, now and then appearing as heroes and warriors or poets, martyrs, geniuses or even humble beings who distinguish themselves by their humanitarianism.
Date: 07 Jun 2006
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