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Silence - Melathonin and Meditation

by Maria Ferreira da Silva

in 14 Dec 2016

  What effect does Meditation have on the brain?
In the silence of Meditation, the pineal gland produces increased quantities of Melathonin. This substance is then used by the brain in the regeneration of cells, and also activates dormant or ‘silent’ areas of the brain. This brings great health benefits: many illnesses can be cured in this way.

Pintura de Nicholas Roerich PREFACE

This study provides a small contribution to science, and while my limited scientific knowledge prevents me from carrying out a rigorous study, I seek to demonstrate that Science and the laws of the Spirit are and have always been linked. This short book provides information for specialists in the fields of Neuroscience, Biology, Psychology, and Medicine in general, regarding the beneficial effects of Meditation on the brain and the way in which it contributes to physical, psychic and spiritual well-being in human beings.
Rather than limiting evolution, every step made in Science opens up new possibilities for development; while throughout History of mankind some have attempted to lock up the Universe in a conceptual prison, fortunately others have sought to illuminate the path forward in a range of fields, striving for the truth in a spirit of fraternity and spiritual beauty. Through Spirituality, Religion and Yoga (§) techniques a whole range of values is brought together, and Science derives from Man’s conscious role as part of nature and the expression of these values. Science is therefore a consequence of the material and spiritual nature of Man. Thus, as applied to planetary evolution, the basic principles of Science and the laws of the Spirit have always existed as one; they were only separated in the minds of a few narrow-minded individuals. Rather than existing in parallel, the Spirit, Consciousness and Science have a single goal: the spiritual and mental development of Man.

There is no doubt that what stimulates human beings to carry out research and establish scientific certainties is the spiritual quest in the yearning to discover the Architect of the Universe, a Cosmic structure of astounding beauty, and to understand His Thought. Man seeks the meaning of existence, the reason why the laws of Nature work as they do, or still, the nature of other dimensions, what makes research into the Absolute the highest goal of Science. Thus, the purpose of knowledge and the principal goal of Science is to reveal the subtle higher forces or archetypes that can be applied in practice in order to provide an understanding of and decode the most complex phenomena, impelling the collective Consciousness of humanity to a higher state of Consciousness.

In conclusion, the message I attempt to convey is that the closer we come to higher Intelligence, through Meditation (and Meditation is the way), the better we are able to understand the forces of Nature, both within ourselves and in the Cosmos.


Meditation and its salutary
effects on the brain

How often was silence the best guide. How often the wisdom to act in the world arose from that silence imposed by God, apparently absurd in face of the problems to be resolved: nevertheless, not to act was the best form of action. Thus, for those who are able to be quiet and absorb the light of the Spirit, silence is their best companion. Silence arises from the ability to arrest the mind, in order to open up distinct, specific and lucid spaces in the brain,… and then perceive the Voice of God.
Let us venture into that silent region of our brain in order to understand how best to experience this silence.
Firstly, let us try to provide an understanding of what the mind is. It is the result of the workings of the brain, which contains “intelligent cells”, working incessantly, thus creating the capacity to think. These cells are thought itself in action, or rather, thought is impregnated in each of the brain’s cells in the form of characters, and their function is to think. The mind is thus the overall result of this thinking.
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