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by Maria

in 22 Sep 2008

  In its higher and spiritual aspect, Tantra transcends sex. It will be an illusion to think that the sublimation of energies, whether corporal, mental or spiritual, necessarily passes throughout the satisfaction of primal desires in a purported economy of efforts, when undergoing the tantric way. (Tantrism is a science of ritual, of special ceremonies and sacred acts, aiming to succeed a magical effect with the use of words and formulas in order to reach the contact with the transcendent).

The Tantric way is therefore a spiritual path. In an embryonic phase, it goes through that which sustains the animal life of man, which means sexual involvement, whether by physiological need or procreative need and, it can only be called Tantrism when it comprises already stages of study and practice of Meditation (Tantrism is a discipline of Yoga (§)) where it thus begins, the conscious sublimation to reach one day the highest degree of detachment and aloofness from the practice of the base, which was the sexual force. If there isn’t a spiritual consciousness, the tantric practice is just a means of assuming that, which in the majority of humanity, is the current of life within the urge for satisfaction, not being necessary then to label it with pompous names with which, for instance, the West was never familiarized with.

It is an alluring delusion, because it implies a path which, by principle, doesn’t reject the basis of life, as most of religions and philosophies do – nevertheless it doesn’t reject it only from the point of view of its offset, since it is the way that will inevitably lead to asceticism, through its own practice, which is Meditation and not the sexual act proper. The true goal of Tantrism is to end in transcendence – it is the universal love: to love all beings without personal projection. Love is in the being who loves. The one who by sublimation has expanded his heart to the Divine, loves without restrictions, leaving behind the limited means of methods for those who delude themselves thinking they will attain something that way. He doesn’t look for others to love him, but it is he who loves, he doesn’t demand anything and loves without distinction: thus it is the love of the Absolute, the Infinite…
The Tantric way seduces man, since he finds a method that allows him to remain in his basic physiological needs without having to abdicate or moderate them, assuming himself able to reach illumination without the need of leaving behind the force of matter. This is a mistake. Matter exerts a magnetic and gravitational force downwards, which is caused by the Earth’s attraction and one runs the risk of remaining imprisoned in the inferior matrix of the body desires, exhausting the vital energies and affecting the brain, thenceforth being incapacitated to use one’s own intelligence to reach the illumination or the Divine. It is the way contrary to the purification of the body and the astral desires, opposing the detachment or aloofness from the pleasures of the world, which ends in exhaustion.

The biggest issue in man’s life, of all humanity in fact (man or woman) centres on the domination of one’s own life energy, which involves on one hand, the affective aspect, naturally benefic if not emotionally exaggerated, and on the other hand, rather worrisome, its bad use at the sexual level. Because of this energy, along millennia throughout many civilizations, dramas have occurred that marked the people for the incorrect and uncontrolled use of that energy, which drove and drives the people to the corruption of one’s own dignity for an instant of pleasure.
The key verb is thus ‘to sublime’, which designates the true means for man to learn how to deal with his own animality, through the resolute purification of thoughts and words, with inner restraint of anger, revolt and inferior desires, these also implied in the way man feeds himself.
In fact, the problem is not in the sexual energy (which is the energy of life) but rather in the lack of its sublimation, since the concept man holds in relation to felicity impels him to find it only through sexuality. Sublimation helps to understand, by one’s own inner realisation, life’s spiritual value and objective and how that energy can and shall lead man towards Dignity, Truth and Illumination.
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