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On the Threshold

by Maria

in 01 Jan 2008

  This article results from an informal conversation recorded by Dhammiko (Buddhist Monk) when still a postulant, with Maria. The theme is revealed in its philosophical and metaphysical profundity identified with the tradition of the Advaita Vedānta. The Advaita Vedānta, provides the key to exit from the illusion by the recognition with Brahma (n), in other words, to reach a state of Awareness that one was always “Him”, which had been simply overshadowed in His purity and light, by ignorance.

“The Universe which I’ve created”

Dhammiko -...it’s recording...
Maria -...anh!?.
Dhammiko -... it’s recording...now...
Maria -...êia it’s recording, ah, I thought it was a phone.
Dhammiko -...no...
Maria -...so little, here we probably won’t hear anything?..
Dhammiko -...it hears...to record this conversation...
Maria -...hum!., actually still today I was thinking, no, it was not properly thinking...in actual fact contemplating, on that idea which I’ve already spoken of yesterday, that it was me who created this Universe (grin), it’s such a strange sensation, it’s...“that it was me who created this Universe...” and I keep feeling more and more, by intuition or by a spiritual opening which is gradually occurring, how I am in a grand illusion, in other words, I am not this..., I live in some other plane...and from that plane I projected this, where I am, here with the physical body, and then, in the moment I “open my eyes”...in that moment, I return to that Dimension where I exist, where I always existed...and I see myself in that Dimension, I reveal myself in that Dimension where I Exist...and that caused me a certain apprehension, first because of the unknown...and then the emptiness, the unexpected, that is, to see me In That...since, I cease to see and be this, I cease, I mean, if all this is a creation of mine, what I am, where I am, you and all these people, are fruit of my imagination, when I am actually willing to “open my eyes”, or when I’m ready, that event of “opening my eyes” means to be situated at that point of that dimension and then this (the world) ceases to exist...and here arises the fear of that ceasing to exist...
Dhammiko -...of that disintegration...
Maria -...it’s a total disintegration!
Dhammiko -...just like a...
Maria -...do you realise? now...
Dhammiko -...disappears to the other side, just by awareness...
Maria -...no, it doesn’t disappear, I mean, how am I going to face something that doesn’t exist, which at the same time is so real for me?! How am I going to face this? But this is only mental, because in the moment I’m already on the other side, seeing all this as a delusion and procreation of mine, which doesn’t exist anymore, there is no problem anymore, I’m going to be liberated. Now...that which I am confronted with is, if that moment of “opening my eyes”, to which I call “the opening of the eyes”, is the moment of the passage of death? Is this my death? This is very curious, because even yesterday I was remembering, that it was when I was six years old that my experiences with the Master started, as far as I remember...and the Master used to come and talk about death...
Dhammiko –...when you were six years old?
Maria -...when I was six, which is absolutely, uncommon...So, what He used to tell me was, “death is not what people think it is”, it was always this sentence that the Master gave me...when six years old...is it now, in this phase of mine, in my life, my end, relative to that point concerning what the Master spoke to me about death...do you see this?..Isn’t this fantastic?..
Dhammiko -...it’s not what?..
Maria -... it’s not what people think it is, and which I still continue to think and, how many times I think about that phrase and say, “well, ok, I had already many experiences of death, I know very well what death is, I’m prepared”.
Dhammiko -...but...
Maria -...I don’t find it particularly fulgurant...
Dhammiko -...but there is always a dread?..
Maria -...there is still, only because something new surges, but it’s nothing remarkable, do you understand?
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