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Silence - Melathonin and Meditation   by Maria Ferreira da Silva
What effect does Meditation have on the brain? In the silence of Meditation, the pineal gland produces increased quantities of Melathonin. This substance is then used by the brain in the regeneration of cells, and also activates dormant or ‘silent’ areas of the brain. This brings great health benefits: many illnesses can be cured in this way.
Date: 14 Dec 2016
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Noble thinking   by Maria
When the conditions of a civilization or a country, through the natural resources and at a low cost, offer the adequate means for the people to live in a harmonious way, not obliging big efforts for survival, it can stimulate the intellectual development. Conversely, it favors the philosophical speculation which results in the creativity of thinking, of art, science, religion and spirituality.
Date: 05 Feb 2009
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Amṛta   by Maria
In its higher and spiritual aspect, Tantra transcends sex. It will be an illusion to think that the sublimation of energies, whether corporal, mental or spiritual, necessarily passes throughout the satisfaction of primal desires in a purported economy of efforts, when undergoing the tantric way. (Tantrism is a science of ritual, of special ceremonies and sacred acts, aiming to succeed a magical effect with the use of words and formulas in order to reach the contact with the transcendent).
Date: 22 Sep 2008
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This work is inspired by inner reflection. It is not my intention to present absolute truths, but rather to provide a framework for reflection. Meanwhile I suggest the meditative reading of my other books, which may contribute to a greater openness to the Cosmic Consciousness. It is a concise work, for if I gave too many scientific explanations or worked the text too much, it would lose the evocative impact of a higher spiritual resonance. What matters is to comprehend that there are realities in the subjective or immaterial world of the Spirit that can be explained scientifically for human understanding; nonetheless, no one would be able to reach that right understanding if previously a Consciousness-Intelligence hadn’t been developed, which absent hinders the uncovering of the deeper veils of Existence.
Date: 15 Jul 2008
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Needs and desires   by Alexander Smit
Man is a desiring being. At a deeper level there is the need in every human being for things he cannot do without, such as water, food, warmth, cooling, shelter and clothing. These fall under ‘must’, which is the characteristic of a need. Needs are absolutely fundamental, and throughout our lives they continue to assert their coercive force.
Date: 03 Jul 2008
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