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The Cosmic Expansion of Light

by Maria

in 15 Jul 2008

  This work is inspired by inner reflection. It is not my intention to present absolute truths, but rather to provide a framework for reflection. Meanwhile I suggest the meditative reading of my other books, which may contribute to a greater openness to the Cosmic Consciousness.
It is a concise work, for if I gave too many scientific explanations or worked the text too much, it would lose the evocative impact of a higher spiritual resonance. What matters is to comprehend that there are realities in the subjective or immaterial world of the Spirit that can be explained scientifically for human understanding; nonetheless, no one would be able to reach that right understanding if previously a Consciousness-Intelligence hadn’t been developed, which absent hinders the uncovering of the deeper veils of Existence.


By trying to explain scientifically and spiritually certain mysteries of the Cosmos, we still risk the use of terms and concepts which are rooted and incorrectly kept by men. As a matter of fact, if the great enigmas of the Universe can be disclosed to the mystic, then the mystic experience could also be revealed in scientific terms. It suffices to find the right, clear descriptions and definitions of the higher dimensions in which one lives and which are part of the Spiritual Reality, but is also Intelligent Reality. These are the objectives of this work.
In nature we find the singing of the birds, one of the means that manifestation uses to remind man of the Prime Sound, lost or forgotten when he takes a physical body. Birds are the first messengers of the sound. From the Sound comes the Word, and even the ancient god Mercury, the Mind Initiator, is depicted with wings.
It was the birds’ singing that ordained the metric poetry of Vālmikī in the composition of the beautiful and famous Indian epopee Rāmāyaṇa. It was born from the curse of the hunter who killed a bird, divine messenger of the Sound.

As we all know, poetry and singing are connected, and poetry is a result of the capacity of man to develop internally the note or the Prime Sound. Poetry is the synthetic form of the word, which the more transcendent it becomes, the more crystalline it reverberates, until it turns into only one Sound, that is, the evolved word has purified and transformed itself so much, while synthesising itself, that only one Sound remained. That Sound is but the inner Sound, which needs speech no more to be externalized and to be heard: It becomes the reverberation of one’s inner being, of man in Silence. When from man Its own Sound echoes, Silent poetry happens.
The musical note Do corresponds to the colour yellow or Light in its maximum intensity and is the equivalent to the Joy of Manifestation. Light, Joy and Manifestation are united. Being Light, Manifestation is also the Joy of freedom, the coming out of Quietness, moving to the Sound of Re, which corresponds to the Prime Sound and is the colour Blue. Do is connected to the Manifestation Principle which, when unfolding Light, produces a Sound, but the Sound corresponding to Manifestation in motion is Re. Pink is Mi and corresponds to Love, the harmonious result of Light, happy in motion.
They are the first three Sounds, the AUM of Creation.

The Prime Sound

Behind all Manifestation, the Absolute or Un-manifested does not act and may be called Non-Existence.
The Manifested contains in itself the germ of all action, and under its care are other Great Beings which make the Cosmos or Universe evolve. Starting by the microcosm, man acts and works for the Planetary Logos, the Planetary Logos works for the Solar Logos and the Latter evolves to the Galaxy Logos…
In the same way that the Logos or Lord of the Galaxy encompasses all other Logoi, contained in Him (universal, solar and planetary), there will be a Being which contains in Him all other Logoi and needs no more to do nothing.
Let us imagine this Being, Absolute, as a Cosmic or Celestial Man. The various Logoi occupy points or chakras (§) of that Great Body, according to the order or evolutionary scale. This way (it was shown to me), if human beings suffer dramatically in life, it is because they place themselves in the lower and denser planes of that Body. To God, suffering does not have the same importance or sense it has for us, as it is part of His Body. Thus the almost indifferent attitude we feel God has in relation to chaos and human suffering. For example, we may observe that, in relation to our body, the atoms and cells of the digestive system suffer greater wear and tear than those of the heart or the head, as they work with denser energies.

Absolute evil does not exist.
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