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Advance in Neurology

by Maria Ferreira da Silva

in 12 Apr 2007

   New advances in neurology can treat diseases like Alzheimer's. According to the magazine 'Nature' a new discovery about the cognitive function of the brain's neurons can return memory to persons with Alzheimer's or who had suffer brain damage. The temporal lobule with a fundamental role in human memory is most affected by this disease. Until now thinking has been that brain cells worked independently similar to electrical “switches” that send and receive a series of data, but a group of scientists found that there function is much more complex. They found «that the capacity to recognise the surrounding environment, people and places, depends on only one neuron and not on the functioning of many».

Rede de NeuróniosThe experts believe that this new discovery will be useful to fashion «cognitive prosthesis that perform the functions that have been lost through brain damage and through serious disease that leads to insanity», like the one mentioned above
The investigators say:
«The perception of neurons as “thinking cells” is a step towards the deciphering the brain's cognitive code».
The interesting and important conclusion they drew confirms the same idea that years ago (1988) had already written in my book “Tratado de Meditação” (Meditation Treaty) about brain cells, in which I explain that: «the brain is infused with disposition to thought», «... since the thought is the life of cells and the cell itself a portion of thought, analogue to one letter, so each idea is a group formed of several cells».

Also from the Center for Brain Health in Washington came news of software that can measure changes in certain areas of the brain and predict, years in advance, whether a person will have the disease.
The technicians say: «The study shows that a reduction in metabolic activity in the hippocampus can be used to predict who will have major risk of developing the disease, or other serious memory problems. Patients were subject to a serial of brain scans to measure the glucose (sugar) volume used by the brain. The sugar is the brain's fuel». I also wrote in my book “The Silence”: «The sugar that the brain produces during meditation, is in fact the well-known Melatonin that according to the investigators is the essential amino acid to life and to good brain's functioning». «Melatonin is a substance produced by the pineal gland, from an amino acid called Tryptophan. The amino acids act as regulators of the organism's vital activities and they control our circadian rhythm according to the cosmic system». When because of ageing reasons, disease or everyday abuse to the organism, such as the consuming of alcohol, drugs, poor nutrition and unwholesome character habits, Melatonin production necessarily decreases and a positive attitude and vitality diminish». According to a study of 1.800 North American elders of Japanese descendent, who at least three times a week consume whole fruit and the juices of fruits and vegetables, there seem to be 4 times less chance of acquiring Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's disease is a result of the degeneration of the central nervous system that starts with the manifest of lost of memory and slowly develop to a state of senile dementia. Most mental illness comes from unbalanced lifestyle, especially with regard to nutrition. The best way to prevent the disease is to find a physical, mental and spiritual balance; otherwise, after acquiring Alzheimer's, there is no other solution than to reduce its effects with medication or, in future, with the neural prosthesis . True prevention consists in a quiet lifestyle, with discipline and nutrition naturally based on vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Quoting now from my book, “As Iniciações e a Expansão Portuguesa” (“The Initiations and the Portuguese Expansion”):
«In a evolved being, with spiritual aspirations or high ideals, there is a process of cerebral clearing that goes together with the progressive evolution of intelligence that one develops through life. This clearing process is made by a energie wave that slowly glides over the encephalic mass, together with the being's evolution , and that clears and eliminates the already depleted cerebral debris, until it reaches a minimum space where the pineal gland is located , that harbours the Consciousness or the Higher Intelligence. The remainder of the brain, swept by this wave that forms a protective cover, must remain stable and intact, because it has already accomplished it's function. In this way, the cerebral debris cease functioning also ending superficial thinking that comes from the remainder of the brain. The deeper the thought, the more succinct it becomes».
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