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Noble thinking

de Maria

em 05 Fev 2009

   When the conditions of a civilization or a country, through the natural resources and at a low cost, offer the adequate means for the people to live in a harmonious way, not obliging big efforts for survival, it can stimulate the intellectual development. Conversely, it favors the philosophical speculation which results in the creativity of thinking, of art, science, religion and spirituality.

If, in fact, the conditions of life are stable, this will allow certain beings more spiritually and mentally evolved in developing a more creative work, which can be manifested in various ways, whether in the religious ambit as a reformer or innovator of some movement, or in art by representation, through painting or architecture and everything that can embrace horizons which extrapolate the simple materialism and propel the higher elevation of thinking.

Sometimes, a community (group) comes with a purpose designed to receive someone special in its core, protecting him, frequently unconsciously (it is part of a social collective karma) in order for him to develop his mission, through which he will lead the society to a greater mental and spiritual evolution. This isn’t properly the case of Avatars or Messiahs, but of beings who although carrying an advanced spiritual evolution, remain identified with the community or social nucleus itself, since that is the actual community which is giving them that possibility, providing benefit to the community in a long term, as well as to the country itself. This is the way a civilization evolves; not only greater material wealth (when wisely used) allows a calmer survival, but also and for this same reason, the creative thinking develops more, thus evolving the culture of a nation.

Nowadays, our civilization lives under a certain ambiguity of values, for if on the one hand it looks like we’re on a line of evolution, unique in its technological advances (e.g. telecommunications) and of scientific discoveries, mainly in the field of astronomy and medicine, on the other hand we see a human decadence engulfed by violence, crimes, terrorism, drugs and alcohol, all this exhausting humanity, where everybody suffers the consequences. If it’s not by violent crime, it’s by corruption, fiscal fraud, manipulation and so many other degrading factors leading us to live the chaos, confirming in fact that we are living the Kali-yuga or the darkening era.

Notwithstanding having a vanguard of more spiritually evolved beings, another part of humanity walks into decadence, losing the leading spiritual link which may awaken itself from mental lethargy, since already sleeping and without being conscious of the superior connection, lives in a great confusion of values. Those who indulge themselves thinking that this era of technology and science will ensure the required evolution for humanity, without being completed in moral and spiritual values, they are mistaken. One may comprehend why Avatars have, from time to time, to “descend” on Earth, in order to restore the values corrupted in humanity throughout ages and ages. Naturally They come by necessity…

It is well known in the world the phrase of the “scientists” (mentioned in the chronicle “Babilónia” Outubro/2008) one of them respectively Richard Dawkins (also in the chronicle “Vida Original” May/2008) an atheist, saying ‘God doesn’t exist’, adding the “probably” not to shock the faithful creed so much: obviously, for them it doesn’t really exist. But such propaganda is understandable in the world, coming from the Darwinists (evolutionists) who are the ones who believe to be descendants of the monkeys, after their own convictions, thus referring to themselves as the “sons of the monkeys”. If that is so, it is “probably” because they haven’t attained yet the true and conscious connection with the divine or lighted the “divine spark”.

In fact, there is no need to be afraid of such sentence, since the conviction in something superior to us or a superior Intelligence which we call divine, is within each one of us and only each individual can recognise it, not occurring then the risk of being contaminated by doubt or even denial: it comes from an interior sureness.
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